Monday, 23 April 2012

My Topshop pumps...

 Normally, I'm not much of a 'shoes person'. But I have to say I am quite gutted that my Topshop ballet pumps no longer fit me.

Why do feet have to grow? :'(

Even if they did still fit me, they probably wouldn't have lasted much longer anyway...

I didn't want this to happen again so, when I bought a pair of sandals a couple of months ago, I got the next size up too (they were fairly cheap ones from Newlook, so I think it was worth it). :D

 I am very glad I did this because the smaller size is now too small. As you can see in the picture below...

You can probably tell for yourself which is which but, the left shoe is the small one
and the right one is the big one. :D

But err, the bigger size is too big... So at the moment, I don't fit into either pair!

Summerdais xx

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