Friday, 19 July 2013

Hi Sunshine

 Despite loving this weather I KEEP ON COMPLAINING ABOUT THE HEAT! Must stop. 

Look, I bought a bag! I haven't bought a bag in about a year, oops, I always prioritize clothes. It is yellow, lovely and really practical. 

Dress (worn as top) - Zara. ...Kids.. :S But a plus is that it was so much cheaper
                                                                         than the normal human size clothes. I am usually a 
                                                                               size 6-8 so I suggest checking out the kids stuff if you                      of similar size!

                                              Jeans - Topshop        They are the Joni ones and they are the most beautiful                                                         versatile thing in my wardrobe ever! 
                                                                            They're super high waisted and a kind of light vintage                    denim colour.

                                               Bag - C& H       I actually found this by accident, I was shopping with                                                                                      friends in Tunbridge Wells when one of them just walked                                                                               into C&H (crafts and home) so I followed because, well I                                                                             don't know I'm a nice person, and this bag caught my eye.                                 On sale for £30 from £60, nice!

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