Monday, 30 April 2012

Outfits of the Week!

This week I've been going a little bit crazy buying loads of new clothes. I've been changing my outfit about three times a day! Here are some photos of my outfits. :)

I love love love velvet at the moment. My granny bought this
velvet skirt from a jumble sale ages
ago and has given it to me.

I'm loving anything tie die so this jumper from
 Newlook (on sale for £6!) is great.

I love these bright pink leggings too as they
are comfortable and cool. :)

I love how the colours go together in this outfit. My Newlook dress
has been forgotten for so long. Is it weird that I actually
feel sorry for it? Yes it is a bit weird...

This is what I'm wearing right now. My granny discovered this
dress at a jumble sale and thought I might like it.
She was right because I'm loving it!

I also can't get enough of my Cath Kidston bag and
crochet top from H&M. :)

I hope you like my outfits too. :) Summerdais xx

p.s. I need to share this dress I found at a charity shop. Unfortunately it is a tiny bit too small for my sister, but I don't really care because it's so sweet! I love the tiny mirrors on it.


  1. Gorgeous collection of outfits, your Granny has a seriously amazing sense of style !

    1. haha, thankyou Molly. I'm sure she'll be pleased to hear that! :D

  2. Great outfits, your granny has a great eye, spotting that gorgeous skirt, and I love your new look dress xx

    1. Thankyou Sarah, she does have a good eye for spotting things. :D xx

  3. I LOVE that velvet skirt! Good taste, granny!
    No, it's not weird that you felt bad haha.
    I feel bad when I forget about a piece of clothing, then I find it and I'm like
    "Aw man, I could have worn you like 10 times since I last saw you!"

    1. Haha I'm glad you understand the emotional torture I go through! :D x


Thank you for the comment, I'll be checking your blog out right now! x