Saturday, 7 April 2012

My trip to Paris

 Last Friday I went on a trip to Paris with some friends. It is such a beautiful city! We visited the Eiffel tower, caught a boat down the river, went to a couple of museums...Pretty much the same stuff that everyone would do on a trip to Paris!
 While shopping, we discovered an amazing French shop called Pimkie. I loved the clothes in there and the prices were really good. :D I bought myself a top with the Coca Cola logo on. I wore it to Disneyland the next day!
 When you're next in France, Check Out Pimkie!

Oh and by the way, we HAD to take a planking photo outside the magical castle... :D


  1. Of all the times i´ve been to Paris I´ve always missed to visit Disney Paris, deffinitely must do next time, seems like you had lots of fun :)

    1. Yes it was great. :D You definitely need to experience the magic! ;)


Thank you for the comment, I'll be checking your blog out right now! x