Thursday, 12 April 2012

My style icon

 I decided it would be wrong not to include my gorgeous style icon in this blog. My little sister. :)

 I take a photo of her outfit everyday. She's got so used to it that everytime I whip out my camera she says 'Photo!'

Here is a small selection of the fashionista's outfits...

Relaxing in a multi-patterned
dress, holding her bag
(my bag).

Chilling out in jeans and a stripy tee.
She apoligizes
for the muddy socks.

Being gorgeous in a yellow tee
and beautiful skirt from a small
shop in London.

Possibly my favourite outfit of
hers, consisting of
a velvet dress over a floral
top and stripy leggings with
cute trainers!

Sitting (awkwardly) on the stairs in a
cute/bizarre outfit.

Being her cheerful self in a
lovely, understated coat.

And finally, my sister dancing to
my Now 81 CD, whilst
struggling to wear my backpack.

So there is my main fashion inspiration. A toddler. But a very stylish one. :)

She would love to know what you think about her outfits so please let us know! Summerdais. xx

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