Sunday, 8 April 2012

Charity Shops...

 In the past two years or so I have bought a lot of my clothes from charity shops. I think they are brilliant because a) I find loads of unique stuff and b) It's cheap!

 But I find it really annoying when people turn their noses up at charity shops. Just because the clothes are second hand it doesn't mean they're bad quality. If you have a proper look you are likely to find some really good stuff!

 Among all the items from Tesco and Marks & Spencer, I've found a Lacoste polo, Tommy Hilfiger top, Ralph Lauren jumper and American Apparel dress (worn as a skirt in my Summerdais picture).

                                                            Denim Jacket - £2

                                                Ralph Lauren jumper - £2.50

                                                     One of my favourite tops ever - 50p

                                                           American Apparel skirt - £2

                                                    I'm afraid the bag is Cath Kidson, not
                                                                    from a charity shop!

  If you're one of those people who don't like to visit charity shops, you're definitely missing out.  And if you do go to them and find yourself coming home empty handed then you're not looking hard enough!

 Go to a charity shop every week or so and you will soon find something you love. And for a very good price. :) x


  1. Such a cute post and great advice too - I've never been a charity shop shopper but after seeing some of the bargains other people have found think I need to start! Your blog is very cute, good luck with it and looking forward to reading your posts

    Sasha xx

  2. Thankyou :) I'm always asking people where their clothes are from and they're often from a charity shop! Definitely worth having a look ;) xx


Thank you for the comment, I'll be checking your blog out right now! x