Monday, 9 April 2012

Can't sleep...?

I'm sorry, this post isn't about ways to fall asleep. This is about what you can do when you are bored and can't be bothered to fall asleep. :)

The obvious ones are things like:

  • Reading a good book
  • Making a nice cup of tea
  • Eating some ham...

 But last night, instead of attempting the above, we decided to go outside and chill out on the road. :)

I love my mum's old Adidas jumper. I don't
know why because I hate sporty stuff
(I definitely won't be taking part
in this seasons 'Sports Luxe' trend!).

Yes, the odd one next to me is wearing
a jumper backwards and inside-out...

If you are actually trying to fall asleep I don't
suggest you go outside.

As you can see, this method will not help you.

  So uh.. there you have it. If you are bored and cannot sleep, try this!

I hope this post was very useful, Summerdais xx :)

(Below) Me doing what I do best...

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